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De l'apéritif au dessert

From apéritif to dessert

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Wishing everybody a very Happy New Year 2019!

Business confidence has in the UK in 2018 suffered directly as a result of Brexit.  EU buyers looking at UK suppliers (our clients) now tend to demand delivered, only Euro pricing and impeccably translated labels, technical and marketing info and these same UK suppliers are right now nervous about spending resources on international development, so not ideal! Even international suppliers  (also our clients) looking at selling into the UK are more nervous. I personally have featured in a Japanese TV programme on the UK and Brexit that went out just before Christmas and am happy to email this link to anybody interested.

All of this has made us rethink strategy, in itself not a bad thing mind you... So as a business we have expanded in 2018  to look at more global supply and distribution partners such as in Uruguay (great visit down to there in the summer to source top quality grass-fed beef), Colombia and Mexico and  increasingly based other EU markets ( Ireland , Spain, France and Austria in particular right now).

We have a new great UK sales partner in the team Julie Zalesny and are rapidly expanding our UK sales portfolio. We continue to expand our business collaboration with Spanish partners Iprel Concept Food. Day to day actual and potential supply partners are many but include Irish granola and cookie producers Maria Lucia Bakes, Oh My Goodness bars and  new partner for frozen desserts Indulgence Patisserie..

We also are working with my daughter's business Sweat and Sound Ltd to handle and grow global corporate partnerships in the food and drink sector. This is a very exciting business venture running bespoke fitness and live music events.

Please do get in contact whether you are a supplier looking for new customers, you need translation with your packaging , technical info or marketing texts or if we can assist to source really great products. Our French partner and Food sans Frontieres brand co-founder Agnes Bellay has now stepped away from managing projects so changes to this site are planned in the near future. office +442085008537 or mobile +447956552

. office +442085008537 or mobile +447956552

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