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De l'apéritif au dessert

From apéritif to dessert

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Wishing everybody a very Happy New Year 2018!

Food and drink producers and suppliers want to sell their correctly packaged and labelled products to the best customers , wherever they may be, at profitable prices and indeed get paid promptly too! I set up the business back in 1994 to assist companies in international sales to do just this and where possible in the right language too.  

I always stressed to UK and indeed other EU  suppliers that selling around Europe is not Export! Where Brexit will leave the UK is right now, as we move into 2018, still unclear but come what may, neglecting the most important markets on the doorstep in favour or those more far-flung, which always have been open for trading, to me makes no sense.

A truly successful company does not separate their strategy for international sales and marketing  from national sales (a customer is after all a customer!) and the most successful are open-minded and dynamic  and have put in place enough internal or indeed external resources to handle development and management . They also are meticulous in getting the details right on packaging, labelling , translating other information and conducting as needed business in the buyer's language.

My overriding aim has always been to facilitate international trade,  cooperation and indeed communication.  Mistakes do happen, misunderstandings even more, opportunities all too often squandered but where there is mutual trust and honesty, everything is possible. And this only comes from good customer service and building long-term relationships.

I am excited about what 2018 will bring as we have been working  very hard on many new projects with individual companies and also with our Spanish distribution partners Iprel Concept Food. My business partner over the last 17 years, Agnes Bellay, Director of  Food sans Frontieres France retains a non-executive advisory role but has stepped back from active sales projects for health reasons. The UK team however is however actively looking for new partners and associates to handle the new business we have been successful in taking on, with a lot more in the pipeline.

I am also looking for ways that Food sans Frontieres can start to play a linking role between suppliers who would like to be able to support charitable projects and charities who would welcome a direct source of quality products. Given our name and my own medical family and professional background prior to food  in the healthcare sector,  Medecins sans Frontieres is an obvious one but I am open to ideas and suggestions.

Please do get in contact whether you are a supplier looking for new customers, help with your packaging or other marketing or if a customer looking for really great products. I know we can help. office +442085008537 or mobile +447956552

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